Adventures in Homebrewing

The Setup

I’m currently running a simple propane all-grain setup with water cooler mash and lauter tun. Using a single chugger pump with quick disconnects to make my life a bit easier.


Cooling wort with an immersion chiller recirculating with tap water for the intial temperature drop and then ice water to get us to pitching temps. Using the chugger pump and a whirlpool valve inside my keggle helps significantly speed up the process.


Johnson temperature controller regulating a mini fridge in the garage. Would definitely like to upgrade this to something a bit more robust but for now it gets the job done.

Brewing Software

I’m a huge fan of BrewSmith. Though the interface is a bit outdated, it allows you account for nearly every variable you could think of to help ensure smooth consistent brew days. Half of brewing is understanding how your equipment behaves and BrewSmith has really helped kickstart the process of learning my equipment.